Let Us Pray...

Christ Our Light!

Your light rises in our darkness and assures us that you are present with us and that your powerful closeness to us transforms our fear into hope.

May we join with our Holy Father in spreading hope "from heart to heart".

Protect all your selfless servants who continue to serve the needs of others.

Give our elected leaders wisdom of heart in decision-making that the common good of our human family may be achieved and the gift of each person's human dignity respected.


Sacramental Program 2021

The Sacrament of Confirmation for 2021 Year 6 students will be celebrated on Friday 19th March at 6pm in St. Christopher's Church.  When further details about Rite of Acceptance Masses and the workshop are available, the information will be sent to parents.

At this stage, dates regarding the Sacrament of Eucharist and Reconciliation have not been finalised.  When those dates have been finalised, families will be notified.  It is hopeful that this information can be shared by the end of the school year.

Please be aware that liturgical events such as the sacraments may still incur restrictions as per the government regulations well in 2021.  We will do our best to fulfil our sacramental obligations to the students and involve families as much as possible.


Governance Update

Archbishop Peter has written to your school community with a reflection on the year that has passed, and an introduction to Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd (MACS) and its role in governing and operating schools.

Central to the Archbishop’s reflection is our collaboration with parents over the last year and he looks forward to the continuation of this through the School Advisory Councils, which will establish MACS as a truly collaborative organisation.

Click on the link below to read the letter from Archbishop Peter

Letter from Archbishop