Student Leaders Report

Hello everyone this is our last newsletter for the year and for our time at St Augustine's it has been a crazy year and it was only this time last year we were doing our school captain speeches. It was amazing to be watching  the current year five students  do their speeches yesterday. We would like to wish the best to all candidates, we feel we are leaving this school in good hands based on how many people put their hand up for the role. 

Who could imagine that we would’ve had a year like this, this time last year Coronavirus started  overseas and it wasn't something that was on anyone's horizon here at St Augustine’s. 

Term 1 started with the usual enthusiasm and it was exciting to get into our new classrooms and leadership roles, everyone started with optimism and enthusiasm. Our class word this year was TRUST and our School theme for the year was Make a difference, be the best me. We got used to our classroom routines and school was unfolding as it should have, until……..Coronavirus started to have an impact on us and school was finished a bit early so we could all go home and stay safe.

We started term 2 working remotely and it seemed like we would all be apart from one another, families became our focus. I remember the bad news about Mrs Anne Marie's death and how sad we were. We all remember our first google meet coming together to share our sadness, seeing each one of us on the screen and greeting each other.  Everything got cancelled and we were so disappointed. It was a shame the last year 6 camp was cancelled  and the giant concert at the clock tower got cancelled as well, but in perspective there was much worse things happening in other parts of the world and we had to remember to be grateful for our health, families and our homes. During home learning we learnt many things and it was amazing how we can act and adapt to the circumstances and that we have to all be a Persistent Poppy, Adventurous Archie, Reflective Remy, Curious Carla, Flexible Flynn. Working online remotely was annoying to all of us at times  because we were on the screen so much. We returned to school at the end of term 2 so excited to be in class again and reflect on our remote experiences. Everyone was filled with hope but unfortunately we had to resume remote learning for term 3.

Term 3 was all online and the cases for coronavirus kept on going higher and higher until it got to 724 cases so Daniel Andrews put tougher restrictions on all Victorians to help the cases go lower. We were in lockdown for about 19 weeks and all the weeks we were stuck at our home all bored and frustrated. We could not wait any longer to get out of our homes and go out to the beach, getting our hair done and our nails, going out for dinner and catching up with friends. We would do anything to get out of our homes but suddenly, the cases for coronavirus started to lower and lower until Daniel Andrews lightened the restrictions of COVID-19.  We were able to do things we haven’t done in a while. All the activities we missed and the joy of seeing our friends again was the best feeling ever. 

For term four we were able to come back to school. We have had a lot of fun and value the time spent together with our classmates, it has gone so quick it has made us appreciate the time we have had back at St Augustine's. I'm sure that it has been better than a whole term in lockdown and home learning and for the year sixes. It has been good to say a final goodbye to our friends who will be going to different high schools. Yes it could have been a better year but at least we have had two terms together the first and the last and really the adventures through the year certainly will be memorable when we share stories with our families in years to come. Covid has taught us to value our school life and the things we take for granted.

This year has been so good because of the teachers and how they have adapted and everyone else, but Mrs Steere the Principal and Ms Walsh have tried so hard that when we were back at school to have the best of a short year. Every classroom teacher has been working hard and even the other staff all working together to be the best we can be, so Thank You for the year that you have put together for us.

This brings us now to farewell and to next year's school captains good luck and lets hope for a good year. Always remember St Augustines is a community beyond the walls of the school and remote learning really taught us that.


Elizabeth Corluka and Thomas Antonius, your school captains for 2020. 

Student Reporting

Semester 2 Reports will be available to view and download via the Parent Portal as of Friday 11th December.

Click on the link below for instructions on how to access the nForma Parent Portal.  Please take time to discuss your child's report with them and celebrate their achievements.

Parent Portal Quick Guide

Optional Parent Teacher Interviews online are being held after school on Tuesday 15th December. Please contact your child's teacher directly.

 Santa Visit


Last week our students were excited with a special visit from Santa in a fire truck (lights and sirens  blaring). The looks of joy and screams of excitement as the truck entered the school was priceless.

What a wonderful way to end a year of learning.

We are so very proud of how our students have been resilient and showed great persistence through what can only be described as an extraordinary year.