Student Leaders Report

Hi Everyone, WE ARE FINALLY BACK AT SCHOOL! We are so excited to see everyone back, it feels wonderful to be able to learn in the classroom and play with our friends and classmates.

We hope that you enjoyed your last week of home learning. We hope that your families are safe and healthy. We hope that we do not have to go back into lockdown and do more home schooling.  We hope that we can enjoy the rest of the term four without any more interruptions.

Thomas & Elizabeth


Back into Learning

We have finally welcomed our students back for Term 4. They are enjoying activities both in the classroom and in our schoolyard. It's wonderful to see the learning which is happening all across the school



We really appreciate the support of all families during this time, and we hope that we can now move forward as a stronger community after supporting each other through this unique and challenging time.

The students have settled quickly, and although things were a little different than months of Remote Learning, the classrooms were full of excited chatter. Any nerves seemed to disappear as the teachers encouraged the students to re-engage with each other and with their learning.


Year 5/6 Guest Speaker

Hi everyone, last Thursday the 5/6 students had a great opportunity to listen to a guest speaker share her experiences and thoughts about wellbeing and staying healthy and positive. We would like to tell you about our guest speaker Maddy. Maddy Steere was kind enough to give up her time to talk to all of the 5/6 students about her water polo experience during a google meet with 73 students. Maddy told us about how she deals with disappointment and making the best of any situation. During the talk we heard how Maddy is talented and fantastic at water polo and that she even had the opportunity to join the 2020 olympics. Maddy has represented Australia before at an International level and last year she was part of the team that won a bronze medal. Unfortunately because of COVID 19 this years Olympics has been postponed until next year. We have our fingers crossed she can make the team again. Maddy taught us how to persist even when times are difficult and to never give up on your dreams.  Maddy explained that sometimes she felt like it wasn’t right for her to play water polo because she got bad feedback from her coach but she knew deep in her heart that she should never give up on this experience.  We have to follow our goals no matter what. Thank you so much for teaching us how to stay healthy and happy physically and mentally.  We can’t wait to see you on T.V next year at the olympics, we will be cheering for you.  Once again thank you for sparing your time to talk about your wellbeing and giving us suggestions on how to help with obstacles of emotions, Good luck Maddy.  

Written by Rachael & Ciara 5/6A



Last week our P-3 QUEST students took part in an online Webinar ' Wild Explorer Program' Students explored some of the amazing animals living at Werribee Zoo.


Did you know?

Hippos can run up to 30km per hour. 

Cheetahs have non retractable sharp claws and eat rabbits and small antelope. The lines on their face are called 'cheerlines' and they help reflect the sun.

Ostrich's have a large talon that helps them to run and protect themselves from predators.

Storyathon Writing Competition Finalists

Congratulations to the following students who were chosen as finalists in the 100 word Storyathon Writing Competition during our recent Remote Online Learning.

Yr 34

Sophie D, Marcus B, Chloe Z, Selina A, Claudia M, Abigail R, Trinity R, Summer H, Ethan L

Yr 56

Elizabeth C, Joel C, Rachael S, Alicia B, Eve C, Isabella M, Irena R, Marcus S, Michael B


                                                            Written by Selena A 34S