Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! It has been a week of excitement and anticipation. As the sign said, we are so glad to have our children back. As I visited classrooms the resounding sentiment was that the children were relieved and happy to be back. As one Year six student expressed, “I missed my friends and being able to ask them about the work we are doing, to get ideas about what to do next and how to improve. It made me realise how important this kind of conversation is to my learning.” I agreed with the child as I too missed having staff around to bounce off ideas, I missed the laughter and conversation in the classrooms and corridors.  It was a lonely time in the office and a very quiet school with only a few children and staff here each day.

As you will read in this newsletter the children have continued wholeheartedly with their learning and socialising. It is interesting the lessons we have learnt about ourselves and the things we missed.


Noone uniform shop continues to operate through contactless click and collect, email and phone, and postal delivery orders only. Once an order has been processed, completion will be advised by phone or text message and it can then be collected from the store.   Unfortunately, Australia Post is taking a long time to deliver – sometimes  up to 10 days. While the stores are ‘manned’ during these times to facilitate orders – they are CLOSED and there is no face to face contact or normal store transactions. Stores are manned at the following times to answer any telephone or email queries and to process online orders only.  

Monday – Friday         9 am – 5 pm

Saturday                     9 am – 12 noon

Phone:                        9379 5037

Melbourne metropolitan stores will return to normal retail operations once the current Stage 4 restrictions have been lifted.  Noone are also aware they may need to extend shop hours into the evenings and include full day trading on Saturday once restrictions are lifted.


Brimbank Police have asked that schools inform families of this information: 

“Local shopping centres are reporting young people gathering and just hanging in groups.  We understand that ISO has been a trying time and that young people need to catch up with each other and revisit the social aspects of their lives, but the gathering in public places still goes against the stage 4 restrictions, and we do not want to be forced into issuing tickets to children for these reasons.  Could you please communicate this to your children to ensure they adhere to the guidelines.  We will be increasing police patrols in these areas.”


Thank you for the ordered manner in which children are being dropped off and picked up. Remember to arrive at your designated time. We ask that L-Z families do not come before your allocated time as this means parking and waiting for your children which stops the flow of traffic. If you arrive early I ask that you park away from the drop off/pick up zone.

Please remember to always use your mirrors when pulling out. It is easy to take off once the children have alighted. Some near misses have been the result of not looking out for other cars. Remember to also keep your speed in check and move through the pick up/drop off zone slowly.


School photos are scheduled for the 9th November. I will let you know if this changes due to restrictions.