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Hi Everyone,

We hope that you are safe and healthy and only a couple more weeks until the holidays! Hopefully, we can see each other in Term 4 and go back to school. On the weekend it was Father Day so we wish all the dads a Happy Late Father’s Day!

We hope that your kids are having fun and have something to do and  we would also like to thank the teachers that have helped us every day. There is a trivia night tonight at 6 pm so make sure you join in to have fun and spend time with your family. Remember to stay safe and well and staying apart keeps us together.


Thomas and I do the awards every week on Friday so make sure you check if you got an award. The video is on seesaw so make sure you check every Friday.


Elizabeth and Thomas

Learning in Action


Grateful Journal -56A Students

                                                        Wind Powered Car designed by Jack M 56

Once again I have been amazed by the dedication of our students during Remote Flexible learning. Over the past two weeks I have seen students being adventurous, flexible, collaborating and reflective. They have continued to engage in their learning and impress their teachers with their creative posts, video blogs, voice recordings and animations. This week we also got to see the amazing work out Q.U.E.S.T students have been engaging in as they prepare for the upcoming Catholic Education Melbourne -STEM MAD showcase. Make sure you check out the section below to see their amazing creations.

Mrs Fedoruk

Here are some more amazing student posts 



                  My Digital Pet - Justin G 34S                                             Oil pastel Art - Selina A 34S

                                                               My Science Experiment - Elizabeth 56A


                                                                         Zoom Guitar Lesson -Michael 56V

Wellbeing Wednesday

  • Just Dance
  • House Challenge
  • Yoga
  • Art Craft
  • Lego Challenge
  • Family Time
  • Baking
  • Monster Craft
  • Paper Craft



 D.S.R - Sach and Reizo  Yr 1/2 We have spent time designing and building our very own Mask Reminder.

This is a fantastic little sensor - that reminds people as they go through the front door, that they need to put a mask on. In GMeet they accessed workbench on Chromium browser - raspberry pi - and saw how to pair the sensor. Sachi created a program on the SAM Lab app on her iPad. Click here to see our final STEM MAD presentation.


             Auto Roll- by Lara D and Isabella M Yr 56

Our creation is called the Auto-Roll meaning Automatic Toilet Paper Roll. The Auto-roll is a robot powered toilet paper machine that will sence your hand when it is close and give you exactly 3 sheets of toilet paper. We invented the Auto-roll because of the COVID-19 virus there are lots of bacteria on toilet paper dispensers so we did this so you don't need to touch the toilet paper dispenser to stay happy and healthy.  Click here to see our final STEM MAD presentation


           Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser -by India Lily  and Ruby L Yr 34

We worked together to design and create a Hands free Sanitiser Dispenser. Our Aim was to program a robot to squirt the sanitiser so it would be hands free and would help keep everyone safe during Covid 19. We did lots of brainstorming and problem solving to come up with our final product.  Click Here to see our final STEM Mad presentation



          Motion Censored Camera  by Jack Mangion  Yr 56

As part of the QUEST program I have been working on something called a Raspberry Pi whilst learning at home. My aim was to make a motion censored camera to see the wildlife going on around us. What you can see in these two pictures is my raspberry pi and my camera looking over my veggie patch. I have been persistent and never gave up when the coding wasn't working. This was a hard task but I managed to get through.


                   Automatic Scoring System by Marcus and Jack Yr 34

This is our Automatic Soccer Scoring System. We created a program for the robot to record the score automatically when a goal is scored. Click here to view our final STEM MAD presentation